Claiming money: for breach of contract

The figure of the loan in the civil law is very frequent between friends, relatives or strangers who lend money for a determined time, the most common thing is that an interest is agreed.

When there is a loss of trust due to non-payment of the debt, conflicts arise between the parties.

Our team is specialized in debt collection as well as in debt conciliation or renegotiation . We try to obtain debt write-offs or considerable debt reductions.

How should the creditor act?

It is important to have a professional, who will try to reach an out-of-court agreement to avoid in all cases the judicial process. When there is no other option but to sue, the client should act as follows:

  • Documentary justification of the debt or collection of all documents related to that legal business.
  • Communicate in writing several times the existence of the debt or, in the case of the debtor, to answer or not to answer the summons.
  • Send a burofax when it is not possible to reach an agreement in order to have legal effects.
  • Investigate the debtor's assets as much as possible

TG Online - Legal Consulting offers online legal services for the claim or renegotiation of debts.

Requesting liens or lifting of judicial and non-judicial liens

Depending on the profile of the debtor or creditor, we will advise you and develop a strategy to repair your debt or recover your money.

From the debtor's point of view, we point out that the benefits of the second chance law are, among others, the exoneration and cancellation of your debtThis will make it possible for you to apply for financing again, disappearing from the delinquent lists and restart your indebtedness journey to zero.

We do not always advise the client this possibility, since it is necessary to study exhaustively the level of indebtedness, for that reason our lawyers, experts in the second chance law , will always try to obtain debt reductions with the creditor first.

From the creditor's point of view, we emphasize the importance of hiring an civil litigation lawyer appropriate to file a claim for execution or a claim for payment, using the documents provided by our client. civil lawyer specialized in procedural law will study the fastest and most effective strategy for the client.

Construction and services lease contract: hidden defects

The contract for the lease of works and services is regulated in our Spanish Civil Code in Article 1544, which states that "in the lease of works or services, one of the parties undertakes to execute a work or to render a service to the other party for a certain price".

On the one hand, within the leasing of services, we highlight: the service provided by professionals such as the service order form between the lawyer-client.

On the other hand, within the leasing of works it is worth mentioning:

  • Building construction
  • Publishing contract
  • Music publishing contract
  • Theatrical performance and musical performance contract
  • Audiovisual production contract

We claim for hidden defects acquired in the formalization of a legal transaction.

What are hidden defects?

These are defects in things that cannot be detected at the time of formalizing the legal transaction. Those flaws or defects entitle the claimant to claim the repair of the good or termination of the contract with compensation .


A case of civil liability arises when a third party is obliged to repair the damages caused to a person or his assets, provided that his fault or negligence is involved.

  • Contractual liability: Violation or breach of a contract causing damages to one of the parties: Art. 1091 Civil Code.
  • Non-contractual civil liability: The person who by action or omission causes damage to another, through fault or negligence.
  • Civil liability for criminal offense: When a fact with criminal transcendence causes damage and harm to a third party.

What does repairing the damage consist of?

In quantifying the damage and claiming its value in money or compensation.

Our team is expert in claiming damages.

Negotiation, drafting and review of contracts

The contract is an agreement between the parties that has the force of law, hence the importance of good advice and careful drafting of a contract. We provide legal advice and draft contracts in private documents or before notaries.

Article 1091 of the Civil Code states that "obligations arising from contracts have the force of law between the contracting parties and must be fulfilled in accordance with them".

It is highly advisable to analyze and avoid loopholes or loopholes in the contract, to avoid future damages and protect the interests of each of the parties.

Our team specializes in drafting contracts in the following areas:

TG Online - Legal Consulting offers online legal services for the review, drafting and advice on contracts.