We invite individuals, companies and freelancers to contact us without paying consultation and without obligation, to give you a solution to your legal-business needs.

If you wish to request any specific or comprehensive management , please send your case to consultasonline@tglegalconsulting.com and leave us your telephone number for a 10-minute courtesy call to explain in detail the steps to follow and the cost of each service you require.

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Tax, accounting and labor advisory services

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Expungement of criminal records

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Opening of bank accounts

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Appeals against administrative denials

How does your TG Legal Consulting online manager work?


1. Contact us

Submit your case via email, WhatsApp or by filling out the form, with the subject of the matter you need help with. Our manager or lawyer will contact you and will try to contact you by telephone if you provide us with your telephone number.

2. Budget

Once you have been contacted, we will send you a quotation and once accepted, we will send you a service contract and a written authorization to represent you before the administration, which must be signed and returned to us.

3. Payment

If it is a single management or procedure you can make the payment in our online payment platform or by other means (Bizum, paypal, bank transfer), if they are monthly services will be charged to your bank after authorization by you.

4. Formalities

Once the agreed amount has been paid, our managers will start the process and will keep you informed of any new developments. Any issue or question the customer may have will always be answered by e-mail.


The online services offered are not a closed catalog but an indicative catalog of the service and price for the customer. The final fees will be fixed according to the complexity of the case and once the complexity of the case has been assessed, the client will receive a closed budget with no future surprises.

You can customize any management service although it does not appear expressly in the packages of this web, we make budgets to size: If you want to personalize a package of online management, expose your case in consultasonline@tglegalconsulting.com You can leave us your phone number for a 10 minute courtesy call to explain in detail the steps to follow and the cost of each option you require.

*The firm reserves the right to charge an additional fee in case of urgency and speed.

*Those services whose price, if closed, is exclusively an online offer.