At TG Legal Consulting we are committed to the law of the future through the implementation of online telematic tools to offer the client facilities through a wide range of legal services at a lower cost without moving from home and with the support of a physical office if required at any stage of the procedure.

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General legal advice

Legal consultations to individuals

Personalized consultation

50VAT inc.

Legal Counsel

  • General legal advice
  • Fees are deducted from the fees

Legal consultations to companies

Legal advice

100VAT inc.

Personalized consulting

Corporate legal advice on labor, tax and accounting matters.

Labor advisory services


75VAT inc.

Telephone counseling

  • Compensation calculation
  • SMAC and negotiation % to success
  • Provision of funds 75 € tax incl. (deducted from the fees)

Labor lawsuits

150Plus VAT.

Personalized consulting

  • Labor legal advice
  • Attendance at oral trials
  • Fees % to success

Families and inheritances

Contentious divorce

Desde 799Plus VAT.

Personalized consulting

The price varies depending on:
  • Sons
  • Goods
  • Reachable spouse


399VAT inc.

Conflicting inheritances

  • Inheritance opening
  • Negotiation with heirs
  • Inventory formation

Real Estate - Housing


Desde 199Plus VAT.

Eviction lawsuits


50incl. VAT.

Contract review

Revision of simple real estate contracts (up to 4 pages)



Assistance to the detainee

Desde 199Plus VAT.

Legal assistance to detainees

Gender violence

Desde 200Plus VAT.

Gender violence

Legal assistance to the detainee at the police station (only in Madrid)



Free contact and courtesy call

Submit your case via email, whatsapp or by filling out the form, with the subject of the matter that requires advice. Our lawyer specialized in this matter will contact you, will try to contact you by telephone if you provide your telephone number, and will agree with you on the various strategies and which services require our legal assistance.

Customized quote and legal services package

Once you have been contacted we will send you a quotation and once accepted, we will send you an order form which you will have to sign and return.

Different online payment methods

You can make the payment in our online payment platform or by other means (Bizum, paypal, bank transfer), we offer payment facilities for the customer and financing if needed.

Initiation of the procedure and subsequent follow-up with the client

Once the agreed provision has been paid, our lawyers will initiate your procedure and will keep you informed of any new developments. Any issue or question the customer may have will always be answered by e-mail.

Appointment at the Madrid or Almeria office

Despite being an online service, we offer the possibility of attending the client, if required, in our offices to ensure confidentiality in criminal matters at no cost.

How we work

We invite you to submit your case to us in order to assess the viability of your case and offer you a personalized package of services tailored to your case and your personal circumstances.

Contact us through our e-mail address or leave your data in the form and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

We also attend you through our professional WhatsApp in order to facilitate your contact with us.

The advantages of the virtual department of TG Legal Consulting in your online lawyer:

  • Quality legal services at a lower cost (Low- Cost)
  • Convenient and simple: Without leaving home
  • Virtual personalized attention: Despite being an online procedure, the lawyer will contact you by telephone to clarify everything necessary .
  • We guarantee confidentiality.
  • If you require it, we offer you the added bonus of personal attention in our offices in Madrid and Almeria.


The online services offered below are not a closed catalog but an indicative catalog of the service and price for the client, the final fees will be set according to the complexity of the case and once assessed the complexity of the case, will be delivered to the client the closed budget without future surprises.

You can customize any legal service although it does not appear expressly in the packages of this web, we make budgets to size: If you want to personalize a legal package online expose your case in you can leave us your telephone number to give you a 10-minute courtesy call and explain in detail the steps to follow and the cost of each option required.

*The firm reserves the right to charge an additional fee in case of urgency and speed.

*Those services whose price, if closed, is exclusively an online offer.