The firm

header tWe are a specialized multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in all legal areas, so we can offer our clients a unique, complete and integral legal service.

Our main professional objective is to provide our clients with legal, tax, accounting and business solutions.

We offer nationwide services throughout Spain and serve the public at our Spanish office in Madrid by appointment, and we also have an English Desk in the UK.

TG Legal Consulting bets on the innovation of implementing tools telematics through the creation of its online department(your lawyer and your online manager) to offer the client facilities through a wide range of legal services at an affordable price. lower cost without leaving home and with the backing of a physical office if required at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do we work in legal services?

We invite the client to present his case to us free of charge and without any obligation. We provide legal advice and guidance, assess the legal feasibility of the matter in question and finally offer you a real price that will be reflected in a service contract.

2How do we work in management services?

We invite individuals, companies and freelancers to contact us at to give you a solution to your needs We offer a quality service to our clients in the legal and business fields. very competitive price, contact our team without any charge. consultation and without obligation they will offer you the best quotation. that fits your needs.

Our quotations in management services are based on the type of economic activity, in the need to contract workers or not, on the seniority of the business and on the customer needs.

In this case, our agency customers have the advantage of to have a team of lawyers for the defense of the legal proceedings that may arise in your business with a 20% discount.

3How do we work in non-judicial legal services?

If the client only requires legal advice and review of legal documents, we give the customer the possibility to make consultation in person, telematically and by telephone, with a cost, which you can pay in our online payment platform or the cost of the consultation will be deducted from your fees if you eventually require our intervention legal counsel.

4How do we work in online services?

We invite the client to present his case to us in the following way free of charge and without any obligation through the use of digital tools through our e-mail or or by leaving your data in the form in this way our team will contact you. We also serve you by our professional whatsapp with the objective of facilitating the contact us.

Our lawyers and managers work by email and by telephone for a better understanding with the customers, despite being an online service, we give the customer the possibility of meet with your lawyer and manager in person if you wish to do so. requires. We invite the client to present his case to us in the following ways free of charge and without any obligation.

It is a convenient and easy service for the customer, as it is a service that is online prices are decreasing.

5How do we work in the UK?

We advise Spaniards who are in the United Kingdom and British nationals in Spain, with interests in the UK and both jurisdictions to help alleviate the negative effects of the of Brexit. We invite you to present your case to us in the following way free of charge and without any commitment to study the feasibility of your case and give you a quotation.

Our team consists of lawyers and accountants qualified in both jurisdictions.


  • David Wright
    Service is excellent, very responsive, personalised. Very good in answering the minutiae of issues. I would recommend TG to my friends or anyone.
    David Wright
  • It is a pleasure to deal with professionals who are also human. I will ask for your help again whenever I need it!
    Álvaro Albar
  • Trusted, very professional lawyers. Highly recommended.
    Emilio Vargas
  • My process with this team has been phenomenal. Good treatment, I got all the information I needed throughout the process and they have all the necessary knowledge to guarantee the success of the process. Highly recommended
    Francisco Machado

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