Legal advice to companies and workers affected by ERTES

Our labor lawyers advise both workers and companies whose activity has been affected by COVID-19 and have requested or have been affected by ERTES.

How do our labor law attorneys work?

If you have been affected by an ERTE during COVID-19:

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Severance payments

We are lawyers specialized in obtaining workers' compensation . Our labor lawyers review the labor situation of workers and companies, and advise you on your legal options without obligation.

How do our labor lawyers act if you have been fired?

  • We offer legal advice and options.
  • We calculate the compensation you are entitled to
  • We support the social assistance offered by the government.
  • Drafting of the conciliation (SMAC) and lawsuits.
  • Negotiation with the company to try to reach an agreement.
  • Legal representation before the SMAC and oral trial.

If you have been given the letter of dismissal you have a limited period of 20 days to claim, contact as soon as possible with our lawyers, free consultation on issues of dismissal and claim of amounts.

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Claiming amounts

Our labor lawyers provide legal advice to workers whose employer has stopped paying any item of their payroll.

What can we claim?

  • Salaries, vacations, overtime, overtime pay or other concepts
  • Only the last 12 payrolls can be claimed.
  • Application of 10% interest for late payment of salary amounts.
  • Termination of the contract for breach of contract by the employer and right to indemnity

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Foreign hiring

Our labor lawyers with the support of our immigration specialists offer labor advice to companies wishing to hire a foreign talent and for this purpose we carry out all the procedures in the name and on behalf of the company.

Hiring a foreigner who is outside Spain:

  • Hiring of highly qualified workers
  • Hiring in hard-to-fill occupations

Hiring a foreigner who is in Spain:

  • If the foreigner is in regular status: We carry out the modification of the worker's card and make the employment contract in accordance with the requirements of the law on foreigners.
  • If the foreigner is in an irregular situation: We make the job offer with the requirements demanded by the immigration regulations.

You can see more information about the hiring of foreigners in our foreigners department .

Attendance at SMACS and labor lawsuits

Our trial lawyers, experts in labor law, represent and defend the client in the oral trial; they have great experience in conciliations and assistance in labor trials.

When workers' rights are violated, legal proceedings are initiated to ensure the defense and protection of their rights.

Our services in procedural - labor matters are:

  • Drafting of conciliation and representation before the SMAC (labor court).
  • Drafting and filing a claim before the social courts.
  • Legal assistance in oral trials
  • Appeal before the competent High Court of Justice
  • Appeal before the Supreme Court
  • Appeal for protection before the Constitutional Court.

The most in-demand matters in our office are:

  • Layoffs
  • Quantity claims
  • Harassment at work
  • Disabilities
  • Social security

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Harassment at work or Mobbing

Our mobbing lawyers provide a personalized treatment to each client who has been a victim of mobbing .

Workplace harassment or moobing is all psychological violence or harassment to which a person is subjected in the workplace, which is exercised through any behavior, words or attitudes that threaten the physical integrity of the worker, endangering their working conditions.

How do our lawyers work on workplace harassment cases?

  • We offer legal guidance on how you should act in your workplace.
  • We provide legal advice for the preconstitution and collection of evidence.
  • Legal intervention in the company in compliance with the protocols in this area.
  • Strategy and approach to legal actions.